Data sources

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Cimetrics’ Analytika Pro modeling and fault detection engine combines big data machine analysis with engineering expertise to perform fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) on real-time and historical data, uncovering issues and opportunities that were previously undetectable.

Hub Highlights:
  • The system contains over 900 proprietary algorithms that have been developed and tested over many years.
  • The algorithms apply weather information and static data (such as equipment specs and system topography) to operational data from a facility's entire mechanical system, including each piece of HVAC equipment. Real-time fault detection allows users to monitor system for performance anomalies to ensure you are aware of them before they result in potentially costly failures.
  • The root-cause analysis engine combines information from historical system data, a three-dimensional topological model of the system and fault detection algorithms to generate accurate, comprehensive root-cause analysis of system faults.

CopperTree’s Kaizen fault detection and diagnostics platform is capable of rule-based algorithms and pattern recognition techniques, with portfolio views, building and system-level interactive views, system performance auditing and an actionable insight management portal.

Hub Highlights:
  • Allows users to prioritize building operations through interactive dashboards and performance metrics with multiple prioritization categories, including potential savings, urgency, and energy and comfort impacts.
  • Provides system-centric reporting with fault prioritization, outcome-based system performance metrics (KPIs), and an actionable Insight management portal with historical activity tracking.
  • Combination of faulting engine combined and user-friendly block-programming logic rules enables data-driven decision-making process and allows facilities personnel to continuously analyze their building’s systems. Pre-built logic rules, including the NIST APAR set, are available for use from CopperTree’s community library

The Ezenics analytics platform constantly analyzes data from a users integrated building system and devices, and continuously diagnoses, prioritizes, and reports analytics results with a vast library of expert analytics.

Hub Highlights:
  • Proactive identification and prioritization of key issues through financial impact and comfort metrics.
  • Automatically evaluates building system and equipment performance by continuously analyzing real-time building data. Provides information about how equipment is actually performing and can diagnose whether sensors or equipment inside of a building are degrading, determine if the machine is not adhering to its initial design intent or programming, does not have enough capacity, or if it is influencing an adjacent zone or equipment.
  • Additionally, AFDD™ analytics provide an enhanced description of issues, identify the underlying causes of problems, and prescribe potential fixes that streamline workflow.

Advanced fault rules engine that calculates fault probability as well as all associated costs. Saves configuration time by making integration easier, faster and more intuitive. ICONICS FDD tools are able to integrate with the most popular BAS, SCADA, PLC and other systems used to monitor equipment conditions.

Hub Highlights:
  • Helps to guide maintenance tasks to keep mission-critical equipment up and running, rather than wait for error conditions.
  • Monitors systems and equipment for fault conditions and ties into ICONICS alarm management software to provide alerts and detailed info when set thresholds are met.
  • Users can opt to include preconfigured fault rules for a variety of equipment types, reducing the time from installation to effective predictive maintenance even further.

Open Kitchen uses IoT to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver additional benefits to portfolios of commercial facilities.

Hub Highlights:
  • Equipment and energy management for retail chains, health clinics, and other commercial facilities.
  • Able to connect, analyze, and control equipment to reduce energy and maintenance expenses with intuitive online and mobile interfaces.
  • Ensures consistent and efficient schedules for HVAC and other equipment.

SiteSage uses IoT to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver additional benefits to food service and food retail organizations.

Hub Highlights:
  • Efficient connected kitchen and enhancing facility performance for food service and food retail organizations.
  • Real-time access and insight into kitchen and equipment operations.
  • Ensures consistent and efficient schedules for HVAC and other equipment.

SkySpark Analytics automatically analyzes data from smart devices and equipment systems to identify issues, faults, deviations, and anomalies enabling improved performance, reduced downtime, and operational savings.

Hub Highlights:
  • Includes over 500 built-in analytic functions to help find equipment and system issues.
  • Includes a rich set of applications to visualize data and analytic results that can be displayed in standard web browsers without plug-ins. SkySpark can also output analytic results to third party applications via open APIs.
  • Bundled with Arc, a workflow engine for creating customized workflows to track work orders.