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Method of test for CO2-based demand control ventilation systems: Benchmarking the state-of-the-art and the undervalued potential of proportional-integral controlTheresa Pistochini, Matthew Ellis, Fredrick Meyers, Antonea Frasier, Christopher Cappa, Deborah BennettA test method was developed to assess the ability of a DCV controller to maintain the indoor CO2 concentration at a setpoint in response to a series of CO2 generation functions that represent three different building occupancy densities and two occupancy schedules.Read Paper
2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in BuildingsWen, Y., Lafrenz, R., & Patibanda, S (2022)Enhancing the role of plug loads in grid-interactive building using smart plugs.Read Paper
2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in BuildingsTherese, P., He, Y., & Bauman, FWhen smart thermostats are dumb: lessons learned from evaluating advanced thermostats.Read Paper
Agronomy, 12(8), 1962Jha, G., Nicolas, F., Schmidt, R., Suvočarev, K., Diaz, D., Kisekka, I., Scow, K., & Nocco, M. A. (2022)Irrigation Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for California’s Water–Nutrient–Energy NexusRead Paper (Paywall)