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The NT thermostat supports up to two stages for heating and cooling (conventional) and up to 3 stages of heating/2 cooling for heat pumps. NT can support carbon dioxide sensing. The thermostat provides 19 alerts (such as hi/lo temperature alerts). BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP over WiFi.

Hub Highlights:
  • Optional Carbon Dioxide sensor; remote sensors (including occupancy)
  • Auxiliary system sensors (door/windows, freezer, SAT) and option for humidity control
  • Operation even during network outages

The Pelican thermostat supports up to two stages of heating and cooling for both conventional systems and heat pumps. The mobile and web interface allow grouping of zones; monitoring HVAC operation provides alerts and notifications. The Pelican has optional on-board CO2 sensors. The thermostat communicates through a proprietary wireless network.

Hub Highlights:
  • On-board Carbon Dioxide sensors
  • Option for humidity, economizer control

The Pivot smart thermostat by Trane has mobile app to control multiple buildings and set events. The thermostat can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi.

Hub Highlights:
  • Remote indoor/outdoor temperature sensors (or use Internet weather)
  • Option for humidifier, UV, ventilation/economizer control
  • Contractor portal for remote diagnostics