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Pelican TS250H

(Evaluated by UC Berkeley) An advanced thermostat controls residential and small commercial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment while communicating with other systems, and uses computational capability to provide advanced functionality, such as including additional sensors, the ability to group multiple thermostats, energy reports, and/or notifications.

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Pelican TS250H Wireless Thermostat
Pelican TS250H

The Pelican thermostat supports up to two stages of heating and cooling for both conventional systems and heat pumps. The mobile and web interface allow grouping of zones; monitoring HVAC operation provides alerts and notifications. The Pelican has optional on-board CO2 sensors. The thermostat communicates through a proprietary wireless network.

Hub Highlights:
  • On-board Carbon Dioxide sensors
  • Option for humidity, economizer control