Energy & Cost Impacts: Advanced Power Strips

  • Specific energy savings for an APS unit depends on the exact devices and appliances plugged into its controlled outlets.
  • The savings also depend on the countdown timer settings; the faster the countdown timer times out, the higher the savings.
  • APS units also exhibit a small amount of internal power consumption that is necessary to support the intended functionalities of the APS units. This internal power consumption will slightly offset the savings realized by the APS. The internal power consumption is listed for each evaluated product model.
  • To unlock even higher savings, especially for energy-conscious users, some, but not all, APS models provide users a way to manually shut off power to the controlled outlets before leaving their workspace.
  • Computers and other workspace accessories are typically plugged into a regular power strip that provides surge protection. Therefore, when considering the cost of APS, it is prudent to account for only the cost incremental of a regular power strip and/or surge protector.