Application Guidance: Advanced Power Strips

  • Advanced power strips (APS) can be used in workspaces – typically with computers – where occupants need to plug in multiple items. Energy savings can be derived from occupant activity detection so that when no one is present, accessories are turned off.
  • Advanced power strips augment native power savings strategies provided by a computer (e.g. power save modes); some APS can take over this function (e.g. Tier 2 APS). It is up to the occupant to decide which loads are control loads that remain constantly powered and which ones are accessory loads that can turn off when no one is present.
  • All APS have adjustable time periods for occupant activity detection; a shorter time delay leads to higher energy savings but may be more disruptive to occupants, especially for those who are in and out of their workspaces frequently, as they will often find their computers put in power save mode and accessories turned off upon returning to their workspace.