recurring - user-defined period

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The BERT 110 X Smart Plug allows users to manage power to appliances and equipment in the facility from a dedicated Bert Brain 1000 application software. It can connect to an organization’s Wi-Fi network to form a plug load control system. The application software provides users the ability to toggle the power supply to the smart plug outlet remotely, create and assign schedules to an individual or a group of smart plugs, and trend the smart plug energy consumption and estimated energy savings.

Hub Highlights:
  • Connected through organization's 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Programmable schedules for recurring on/off operations
  • Provides hourly, daily, weekly, monthly energy usage information and hourly energy usage export for any specified time period
  • Device management and control through a computer application software
  • BACnet and REST web service API integration options available