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Networked thermostat with integrated CO2 sensor for long term monitoring and demand control ventilation.

Hub Highlights:
  • Configurable color display which can show values of CO2, temperature, and HVAC operating mode
  • Requires a controller and specialized training on Delta's configuration environment to operate or connect to a building automation system
  • Excellent performance on Hub CO2 accuracy testing protocols
  • Includes temperature, occupancy, and humidity (optional) sensors. Can output sensor values through a connected controller. Some setup can also be done through a mobile app

Indoor air quality monitoring platform with CO2 sensors that has a web-based dashboard for long-term monitoring.

Hub Highlights:
  • CO2 value displayed on device and mobile app
  • Easily connected to any building automation system for monitoring or ventilation control
  • Good performance on Hub CO2 accuracy testing protocols
  • Includes CO2, temperature, humidity, particulate matter, ozone, and other sensors