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Honeywell Jade (Fast Configuration)

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) controllers integrate with the building ventilation system to modulate the amount of outdoor air based on input from a CO2 sensor. They can be used to save energy during low occupancy and improve indoor air quality during high occupancy.

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Honeywell Jade Demand Control Ventilation Controllers Image
Honeywell Jade (Fast Configuration)

Ventilation controller with economizer with available inputs for CO2-based demand control ventilation capabilities. Using Honeywell Sulk Bus enabled sensors enables more fault detection features. Two configurations were evaluated (fast and slow).

Hub Highlights:
  • Monochrome LCD display and buttons for commissioning, troubleshooting, or viewing status.
  • No direct connection to building management system.
  • Great performance under Hub simulated occupancy profiles.
  • Purchasing a USB adapter allows PC based commissioning software to be used. This will allow the user to choose a "fast" mode which performed better in Hub testing protocols.