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3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75

Window films reduce the amount of solar energy and visible light that enters a building. They can reduce cooling energy use and glare in spaces with windows.

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3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 Window Retrofit Films Image
3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75

The 3M Thinsulate Climate Control 75 is a low-emissivity spectrally selective film. Its low-emissivity properties improve thermal insulation and its spectrally selective properties provide a high degree of solar control, with minimal impact on daylight transmission and views. This film has a very high light to heat ratio.

Hub Highlights:
  • Minimal impact on views due to high visible light transmission
  • Spectral selectivity provides a high (greater than 1) light/heat ratio
  • Rejects more than 50% of solar heat
  • Low-emissivity properties provide moderate reduction in winter heat losses